Walkers are committed to provide unbeatable quality by following three golden rules: harvest the finest British potatoes, add unique flavourings and lock in freshness with a special protection pack. All Walkers products are made from British Potatoes which are cooked in sun seed oil. Walkers range is very extensive and consists of a large variety of crisps available in single serve and multipack packets;

Walkers Standard packets are the most popular amongst local consumers, especially the prawn flavour

prawncheese and onionsalt and vin

Walkers Lights contain less fat than Walkers’ ordinary crisps.


Walkers Baked are oven backed twice, for crispy crunchiness and exceptional taste and as they are not fried they contain 70% less fat than ordinary Walkers crisps.

backed salt and vinbaked saltedbaked cheese and onion

Walkers Salt and Shake are unflavoured crisps with salt sachets inside, which can be added if desired.

salt and shake

Walkers Sensations are crunchy crisps with innovative and tangy flavours.


Walkers Sun Bites are extra ordinarily tasty multigrain snack which make a delicious healthy snack option for any time of the day. Every bag of SunBites provides 1/3 of the suggested daily amount of whole grains and they have 30% less fat than regular crisps.

subnitessunbites sweet chilli

Walkers Deep Ridged consist of deep grooves with a bolder flavour and a thicker cut for a crunchier bite.

flame grillmature chaddersalt

Walkers Wotsits and Walkers Monster Munch are both ideal snacks for children.


Walkers Quavers is a light curly potato snack.


Doritos nachos are made in the authentic Mexican way. The best corn is ground into a soft dough, shaped, lightly toasted and quickly fried in sunseed oil, before being brought to life with those bold Doritos flavours. There is a wide variety of fun flavours of Doritos nachos and dips to taste and share with family and friends.

doritos originalnacho cheesechilimildtangy cheesesour

Smith’s Snacks and Nobby nuts are ideal for bars as these come in cards of 24 packets which can be hanged for maximum visibility.

nobby roastnobby chillinobby saltedsmiths baconsmiths cheesesmiths scampi

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