Quaker Cereals

With more than 100 years of oat experience, Quaker are still committed to make food that is simple, satisfying and which contains all the natural goodness of oats with a sensible balance of nutrition. All products within the Quaker range are made from 100% Quaker wholegrain oats. Oats are more filling than most other grains and they are also a good source of fibre. Quaker Oats have also been proven to help naturally reduce cholesterol as part of a diet low in saturated fat and a healthy lifestyle*.

The Quaker cereals range is divided into;

Hot Cereals – Start the day healthy, satisfying and with a lovely warm feeling inside by consuming cooked oats available in different versions and packets
- Quaker Plain Oats are available in carton packs and tins
- Quaker Oat So Simple carton packs, available in different flavours are perfect for microwave cooking as they are ready in 2½ minutes.
- The three flavours within the Quaker Oat So Simple pots range come in convenient pots of 50gr each and it is very easy to prepare them as only hot water needs to be added to the oats.
- Every flavour of Quaker Oats So Simple Heaps of Fruit contains real pieces of fruit together with oats. Heaps of Fruit is available in pots and microwaveable carton packs.

hot cerials

Cold Cereals – Add some sunshine to your breakfast with Cruesli, Oat Granola and Oat Crisp – ready to eat crispy and crunchy cereals.
- Cruesli range is a rich breakfast cereal that tastes crispier and crunchier. A variety of tasty and crunchy roasted cereal like oats, wheat and rice provide the vital nutrients your body needs. Add a splash of cold milk or dollop of yoghurt and your Cruesli breakfast is complete.
- Oat Granola is made from delicious clusters of oat muesli with juicy raisins and it contains between 30% to 50% less fat per serving than most of other granola cereals, while Oat Crisp is made from light crispy pillows of oat cereal and contains 40% less sugar than the leading diet cereal brand.

cold image

Cereal Bars
- Quaker Oat So Simple range of Morning Bars caters for consumers seeking healthier breakfast options when on the go. The five bar multipacks are packed with oats and wholegrain goodness.

morning bars

*as part of a diet low in saturated fat and healthy lifestyle.

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