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At Quintano Foods, the specialised sales structure is supported by a dynamic marketing team.

Brands Strategy and Planning
The company's consumer-oriented approach and the powerful influence of media advertising largely contribute to the development and growth of the represented brands. On-going investment in the updating and strengthening of its marketing policy and related structures as a priority.
The Marketing team make use of a mix of traditional and modern media to reach the ever-demanding and dynamic consumers. The most effective advertising medium is chosen to achieve the required coverage and exposure. Outdoor advertising, Social Media and Internet/Web Advertising dominate our media plans while Press, Radio, Television.

Trade Marketing
Quintano Foods believes that category management is critical to the growth of the brands due to the ever-increasing power of the retailers, understanding shopper behaviour and gaining insight through data analysis.
Our trade-marketing team through its collaboration with key retailers and our principals engages in various activities to ensure optimum execution. These activities include:
• Our well trained team of Merchandisers who regularly visit the assigned outlets ensure that all distributed brands have maximum visibility on the retail shelves or for immediate consumption to ensure that we win at the point of purchase.
• In-store promotions, held at various supermarkets on a regular basis play an important part in the company's overall promotional strategy. Shoppers are introduced to the different brands and invited to sample the products being promoted. Free gifts and special promotional are offered during these activities.
• Use of effective Point of Sale Material to inform and guide shoppers in making the right choice.
• Gathering and analysing market information is key to the success of the company’s represented brands and data is regularly shared with our principals in order to develop our trade strategies in line with trends and projections.
• Portfolio rationalisation in order to ensure that the product mix reflect the demand of the consumers.
• Post promotion evaluation in order to sharpen our promotional activities.