Four key words that describe the brand Hopla are – money saver, versatility, great stability and very easy to keep. Hopla creams are fast moving products and they have an outstanding quality, excellent taste and are very easy to use in the kitchen.

Hoplà Sweet is the confectioners’ preferred vegetable-based cream, because it’s quick and easy to whisk up and it keeps for such a long time. It can be used as cream for any type of cake, both to fill and to decorate.

Hoplà Non Sweet is made from vegetable fats and can be cooked and used for desserts, with acidic sauces and with liqueurs to prepare excellent pasta dishes, meat dishes and sauces.

Hopla' Spray is a ready to use panna spray. Just shake and serve with fruit salad, ice cream, coffee or hot chocolate.

Hopla’ per cucina, better known as Hopla Light is made from skimmed milk and vegetable fats and ideal for tortellini, tagliatelle, noodles and also meat.

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