Danone is recognized for dynamism and strength. It’s principle is to offer consumers, products which provide genuine nutritional benefits. There is also a steady flow of innovation for consumer satisfaction.

Danone has a wide range of different yoghurts, all made from fresh milk:-

Website: http://www.danone.it/ 

Cremoso Cremoso is a creamy fruit yoghurt without fruit bits, which can be enjoyed by all the family.

Vitasnella Vitasnella yoghurt is a low fat yoghurt as it contains only 0.1% fat with 100% taste. It is available in fantastic fruit flavours with fruit pieces and without, each with a sumptuously, thick and creamy texture. Vitasnella range also consists of a low fat spreadable cheese which is ideal over a piece of bread as a light snack, whilst Fiocchi di Latte is an irresistible blend of light fresh cottage cheese and light yoghurt.

Danette Danette is a creamy dessert range ideal for all the family.

Danio Danio is a tasty yoghurt snack with fruit pieces at the bottom. The secret behind Danio's super thickness is that it's made to Danone’s strained yogurt recipe to make it amazingly thick and high in protein.

L’Arte Del Yogurt L’Arte Del Yogurt is a creamy dessert yoghurt with fruit mousse at the bottom.

Super Mario Super Mario range of yoghurts is made from 80% of milk and targeted to children

Actimel Actimel is a delicious yoghurt drink which helps your immune system to function properly thanks to Vitamin B6 , C and D.

Activia Activia is a creamy, tasty yoghurt to improve the digestive system.

Danacol Danacol is a tasty dairy drink with plant sterols to reduce the cholesterol up to 10% in three weeks

Danaos Vitasnella with Calcium is a creamy yoghurt to reinforce and maintain strong bones as it provides the right dose of calcium and vitamin D, which helps the absorption of calcium in the body.